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Rock, Write, & Listen is a one semester, multi-disciplinary academic elective with connections to music, language arts, and social studies. Over the course of the semester, students examine the history of rock and roll music, as well as its impact on and responses to contemporary American history. In this elective students analyze song lyrics and investigate topics such as U.S. history, economics, the environment, and American government policies and practices. Students participate in critical conversations about gender, race, social class, politics, and injustices. In addition to studying song lyrics, students read magazine articles, newspapers, and watch music documentaries that provide more information about the selected topics. Our conversations, questions and inquiries are posted throughout this wiki space.

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If you want to add a link to a website that you found you need the URL (web address) for that website. Here is how you do it:
For example, I want to add a link to the Wisconsin Humane Society. That URL is:
So, to add a link from a wiki page to a website - like the Wisconsin Humane Society:
  • Go to the site and copy the URL - located in the address field at the top or the webpage (
  • Go to the Wiki page and Type in some text like: Click here to go to the Wisconsin Humane Society or just WHS
  • Highlight that text
  • In the 'floating' Editor toolbar, select 'Link'
  • Click on 'External Link' and paste the URL in to that field
  • Test your link
  • PS - An 'external link' is one that is NOT a wiki page - it is located OUTSIDE of your wiki. A Wiki link will be a link to a page inside your wiki
  • Click here to go to the Wisconsin Humane Society

test link: