Wiki? What is a Wiki?

View this video, "Wikis in Plain English" for a fun overview:

Why use a Wiki?

A wiki is an online collaborative platform that allows users to publish writing and add elements like images, sounds, videos or almost anything they choose.


Nott too tricky. There are very few 'tools' available so the user is limited. Tools are similar to a simple version of Microsoft Word.

Additional Resources

Working with Wikispaces
This video will help you get started:

Wikispaces Tutorial
Here is a comprehensive tutorial of Wikispaces. It is very informative and easy to follow. A must-read if you are working with wikispaces! Wikispaces tutorial UPDATED:

Wikis at Lumen Christi :

wiki screencast 1:

wiki screencast 2:

Wikispace Basics

Short tutorial videos that show you how to...

Helpful Links

50 Ways to Use a Wiki in the Classroom

Click on this link to get some great ideas about how you could use a Wiki for and/or with kids:
or this video gives more ideas for using a Wiki in K-12 classroom:

from Will Fryer:

1. Connect with parents through publishing student work 2. Homework groups with kids (ask questions) 3. Share lesson plans with other teachers and links 4. In lieu of a faculty meeting

5. Write a new school song collaboratively, brainstorm ideas
6. Put websites for articles students need to read, and then discuss it together online
7. Post homework assignments and makeup work for absent students
8. Schedules and calendars
9. Collaborative projects with other classrooms in the US or outside
10. Book reviews!
11. Science journaling
12. Study guides for the test
13. Science fair presentations
14. Collaboration to plan fundraisers or other activities
15. Diary of a science experiment
16. Literature response podcasting or video publishing
17. Book talks
18. Literature circle
19. RSS feeds for kid friendly publishing (let parents subscribe to updates)
20. Posting projects

Other Resources:

Helpful background information
Additional helpful ideas
Great example of a "teacher web page" using a Wiki
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Wiki student project:
Post learning logs:
Blogs and Blogging

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