This will be the main page we will use for our wiki workshop.

What can you use a Wiki for?

  • Communication and with parents
  • Communication and sharing of information with other staff members (websites, links, files, forms...)
  • Publishing Place for student work / classroom projects

  • Assessment of Student work
  • Writing / Reading Practice
  • Spelling words in a sentence
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Literature Discussion
  • Book Talk / Report

To 'play' with a wiki page, choose one of these pages...

Wiki Workshop 1
Wiki Workshop 2
Wiki Workshop 3
Wiki Workshop 4

Here are the basics of using a Wiki:

1. How to Join Wikispaces:
2. How to create a new page
  • Simply click on the 'New Page' button on the top left corner
3. How to edit a page
  • Click on the Edit button on the top right corner
4. How to add text and edit text
  • use the 'T" tool on your Editor Tool bar (Change font, size, color and alignment)
5. How to add a photo / image
  • Click on the 'File' icon on your editor tool bar
6. How to create a link on your wiki
  • Click on the 'Link" button on your Editor Tool bar
7. Collaboration ideas.

Links to other resources: