link to VoiceThread: http://voicethread.com/

Why Use VoiceThread?

  • Create a 'slideshow' on any topic as a whole class activity
  • Students can create individual slideshows using images and sound
  • Digital storytelling for any grade
  • Book Reports
  • Explain a topic or concept - use the 'doodle tool' to record your information
  • Student can work together on projects and comment on each others work

How easy is it?

  • Once the user learns the basics of how to create and comment on the VoiceThread, very easy.
  • Fairly easy - need some basics to begin
  • must know how to upload photos

Two Examples:


VoiceThread Educator's Guide

VoiceThread-Educator's Guide -

VoiceThread Tutorial in VoiceThread

Fourteen Interesting Ways to Use VoiceThread in the Classroom