Twitter in Plain English

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

What’s all the buzz about twitter? What is twitter? Am I the only one not tweeting? If these are questions in the back of your mind, then check out some of these great resources. Here are links to a few timely resources on Twitter and how it can be a great classroom/educational tool.

Twitter in Plain English Video
Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching?
Twitter in the Classroom
28 Interesting Ways to use Twitter in your Classroom
You can read the free ebook “Twitter Handbook for Teachers”
And finally the “Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter”
I couldn’t leave you learning about twitter without ending with a bit of humor. (some inappropriate language)

This will get you started! You’ll be tweeting before you know it. Have a great weekend. . . see you in the twittersphere!

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