What is a Sticky?

Stickies, as the name suggests, is an application readily available on your Mac to let you stick your thoughts - in a form of small notes - on your Desktop.
Stickies reside inside Applications → Stickies.

I Want Stickies - How do I get it?

You already have it - click in the spotlight (little magnifier thing in the top right corner) and type 'stickies.' The app will open and be ready to use. To make it available all the time, click and hold the Sticky icon on the dock and select 'Open at Login."

Reasons for using Stickies

Keep yourself organized...

But for older students - 3rd grade and above maybe - they could use Stickies for note-taking while researching something online or at a website. It is especially cool when you see how Stickies can be 'transparent' so the students can see through to the web page:

Put Pictures on Stickies?

Yes, you can:
To embed picture on your Stickies:
  1. Find your image file
  2. Drag and drop it into your stickies pane
  3. Adjust its position with Spacebar / Tab
  4. The picture is not resizable

Other Options?

  • You can change your stickies colors by clicking on the 'Color' menu bar item
  • You can make your Sticky translucent by clicking on the 'Note' menu bar item
  • You can change your font style and size by clicking on the 'Font' menu bar item and select 'Show Fonts.'
  • You can print your Sticky note by clicking on the 'File' menu bar item
  • and you can Save your Stickies by clicking on the 'header' of the Sticky and click the 'close' button - top left corner - and it will ask if you want to save your Sticky.

external image moz-screenshot-4.jpgmenu.jpg

10 Tips for Using Stickies.

Go to this site for great tips and tricks:
external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-1.jpg
external image moz-screenshot-2.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-3.jpg