Instructional videos for Students and Staff

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1. Printing "How To" Topics

BASIC "how to" print
"How To" print SELECTED PAGES - not a full document
"How To" print options in POWERPOINT
"How To" do DUPLEX printing

2. Document/File "How To" Topics

1. Basics of Naming and Saving a Document
2 BASIC about the Documents Folder
3. Folder and File Management
4. Renaming a Document with File > Save As
5. Saving to the Documents Folder part 1 for Staff
6. Saving to the Documents Folder part 2 for Staff
7. Saving a document as an earlier/lower or different version
"How To" Save to the Documents Folder for Students

3. "How To" Topics for Working with Word

1. Basics of using a Word Document
2. How to import a picture
3. How to create a "table."
4. How to use "Word Art"
5. How to create "columns"
6. How to create "Headers" and "Footers"
7. Using Drawing Tools - create a Text Box
8. Cool things to do in Word - part 1 ("Group" objects and move Text to the "Front")

4. "How To" Topics for Groupwise1. Creating "groups" of email addresses

5. "How To" Topics for PowerSchool1. Entering "teacher comments" using Powerschool

2. How to print or view report cards from Powerschool