SMART Notebook

Why use Smart Notebook?

  • 'Notebook' is the integrated software that we use with SMARTboards.
  • Create presentations to use with and without the SMART Board.
  • Easily insert and edit images, audio files, video clips, text, icons, clipart.

Is it easy?

  • Very easy to use - easy to create, easy to present.
  • Built-in Gallery can be browsed by topic or searched by keyword.
  • Drag and drop convenience.


SMART Exchange


Great links

A. Teachers Love SmartBoards blog:
B. Graphic Organizer Templates:
C. Great video tutorials from two teachers in Illinois:
D. SMARTER Smart Board lessons
E. Internet4Classrooms resources:
F. GREAT elementary math, LA, notebook files ready to use with your SMARTboard. Amazing nursery rhyme stuff.
G. Illuminations Math Site - great iteractives - Fraction model is fabulous
H. Geometry / Pattern Blocks:
I. Lots of Math Sites:
M. Koosh Ball Interactive Files:
N. Exchange SMARTTech Forum:

O. Center School District Templates

Examples and files to download

Can I use real markers on my SMARTboard:

  • Yes, you can but they have to be HIGH-ODOR dry-erase markers - the ink from the low-odor dry erase markers is more difficult to remove.
  • Clean your whiteboard with a regular household glass cleaner.
  • DO NOT use permanent markers on your SMARTboard