250px-PhotoBooth.jpgWhat is it?

Photo Booth is a small software application created by Apple Inc. for Mac OS X for taking photos and (since Mac OS X v10.5) video with an iSight camera or other webcams. The program was initially only bundled with Macintosh computers that had a built-in iSight camera, but now it comes bundled with Mac OS X Leopard. It features 17 built-in effects (16 filters, 1 normal) that can be applied to photos. Developers will be able to develop custom effects and share them online.[1]
The software integrates with instant messaging programs such as OS X's built-in iChat Software or Adium, for taking a picture to use as an avatar or Buddy icon.
In the latest version of Photo Booth included with Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, the application incorporates the Chroma key technology which is used in professional film making to replace the background of a frame with an image or a video clip. Photo Booth incorporates this technology by recognizing a still background, then replacing it with either a pre-set image or movie clip, or allowing the user to choose their own background. Below is a list of pre-set backgrounds that come with the application (marked either image or video):
  • Clouds (image)
  • Color Dots (image)
  • Earthrise (image)
  • Eiffel Tower (video)
  • Rollercoaster (video)
  • Sunset (video)
  • Yosemite (video)
Backgrounds are only available on Macs featuring an Intel processor. By default, Photo Booth's live preview and captured images are reversed horizontally, to simulate the user looking into a mirror; however, it can flip the image automatically or upon request to provide a true-to-life representation.

Photo Booth is reminiscent of its name sake, it allows students to take pictures with the built-in iSight camera.

How to integrate Photo Booth into the classroom.

The following are just a few ideas on how to use Photo Booth in the classroom:

Reading Improvement/Assessment- Make a movie of your students as they read out loud. Do this a couple time through out the year. Videos show how their reading has improved through out the year.
Teaching Symmetry- Use the mirror effect to show symmetry.
Student Newscast/Daily Announcements- Students can use video to create daily announcements or a special newscast. Use a photo of the school as the background.
Make a how to video- Make a short video reinforcing concepts learned in class. Post them on a class web page to be used as
homework help.
• Help get to know student’s name and face- Take a picture of each student and create a class directory or seating chart.
Video Blog- Create a video blog of what was talked about in class.
Book Review/Report for project- Allow students to use the video to do a book review or report.

Use an image as a background - not hard to do - and explain the significance - or create a riddle relating to the image. IE - This famous american was born in 1851 in Springfield, IL ..." see example below:

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  • Learning tool- videos to practice a speech/presentation or poem.

Photo Booth can be used for a multitude of projects throughout the school year. My favorite project for using Photo Booth is for character education development. I create a “How are you feeling today?” grid in Pages or Word and save as a template. Students take pictures of themselves displaying the different emotions and drag and drop onto the template. When they are finished we print them out and create a class book of emotions. This is a wonderful way to teach students empathy. Photo Booth can also be used at the beginning of the year for a getting-to-know you project. Create a bulletin board with student pictures. Students could use Photo Booth to star in their own stories. Teachers, take pictures of students throughout the year as you podcast students reading. The photos with the podcasts make an excellent end of the year gift for students and parents as they can see and hear students growth throughout the year. Create a classroom “dictionary” where students create definitions for themselves along with their pictures. When teaching action verbs, have students take pictures of themselves actually doing an action verb. You will find a hundred and one uses that you never expected when you bring a web cam into the classroom and pair it with Photo Booth
Tips: See the image below for an example of the “How are you feeling today?” templates I created in Pages. One template was created for kindergarten through second grades and the second template was created for third through fifth grades.
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Need to take a quick Photo Booth picture without the 3-second delay? Hit OPTION while clicking the shutter button below the picture. Voila!