English LA Links
Below are some of the greatest resources for English / Reading / Language Arts.
High quality resources for Reading / LA - search for a listing of "Project-Based Learning" ideas.
Visual Thesaurus
An amazing online interactive thesaurus. Shows parts of speech and will pronounce word. Terrific for vocabulary for all content areas. Subscription Site.
Starfall (K3 - 2)

A very comprehensive pre-reading and early reading skill site.
Spelling City (1 - 6)

A free online interactive site for spelling or vocabulary words. Students can enter words and get tested on spelling.

Magnetic Chat (K - 8)
This site works like refrigerator magnets. Scroll to the bottom for an alphabet chat. You can even enter words of your own into the chat boards - just Shift-Click anywhere and type the new word.
This I Believe (4 - 8)
Essays read by famous and not-famous people noting what it is that is important to them. Hosted by NPR.
Comic Life
Comic Life works with a PC or Mac and allows the user to "enhance" photos with "talk" bubbles or "thought bubbles. Great for a different kind of a writing activity. You can also add any text to tell a visual story for a flow chart or "first, then, next, last." Comic Life is a subscription site. $29 per user.
Oral History / Digital Story Telling (4 - 8)

Poets.org (4 - 8)

Wordle (1 - 8)
A fascinating free web site that can be used to make "visual maps" of words. Just type in a list of words to describe a "character" or "adjectives" or "feelings" or vocabulary and a jpeg is created.
Literacy Center (K3 - 2)

Literature Learning Ladder - Project Ideas (1 - 8)
Great project ideas. Makes connections between literature and technology
Writing Fix (2 - 8)
Interactive writing prompts - 6 Traits source
Wide World of Verbs
If you don't know anything about Verbs - this is the place to be...
Web English Teacher
all genres, all topics all english for the 21st Century
Jeopardy Game Templates
Jeopardy Games are great ways to review or assess or gauge student knowledge. These templates are powerpoint files and are very easy to use.

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