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Digital Citizenship / Creative Content

Rule of Law

Calling all Citizens

Respect Work

Project Units by Grade Level:

Red Projects are those currently done by grade levels
Pink Projects are those that have been done in the past or would be recommended for that grade level.
Blue Projects are new unit ideas / recommendations / choices - however, grade level and quarter may not be appropriate.

Want to participate in a "Global Project?" - A project with another classroom, or multiple classrooms around the world? Start by searching the "Forum" at the Global Education Ning.
It is the "main" hook-up site for classrooms around the world looking for project partners.

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Jr Kindergarten

Dinosaur Podcast - "What Would I do If I Had a Pet Dinosaur" (scanned pictures and voices)

Fairy Tale study - Compare the "Fairy Tale" animal (wolves / pigs).

"I am an insect" digital book.

Sr Kindergarten

Hawaii Facts Podcast - "All About Hawaii" (Kid pix pix and voices)

Space Unit Digital Book

First Grade

Flat Stanley Global Project
Use Digital Cameras to illustrate concepts: shapes, colors,
Digital Book (slide show) about nature unit Q3 or Q4

Second Grade

You Are What You Eat

Insect Fact Powerpoints

Seasoning the School Year

And to Think That I Saw it On My Way to School
In true Seussian fashion, this project demands that students look at the world around them differently than they have before, seeking out marvels that previously went unnoticed, and then engaging others in their newly found appreciation through words and images. The idea is to have kids look on their way to school, (as Marco did in the book) and find marvels in their world. They can then take a digital picture of what they see, or draw or paint it and then upload it for others to see. Teachers will create one page for all of their student work, titling each picture "And To Think That I Saw It On My Way To School"! The big ideas are the verb to see and the cadence or rhythm of the words. Then classes can react to each other's work through the discussion tab or through skype, ichat, etc.
Third Grade Book Report - Comic Life

Third Grade

Monster Swap

"Time" Digital Slide Show
1. TimeLiner Project

"All About Third Grade" Newspaper

Science Slueth
Whodunit? Solve a mystery using Fingerprints and other science tools. Also for 6-8.
handout available.

Book Report - using VoiceThread. Student voices are recorded while showing cover illustration of book.
2. "Wiktionary" of Technology Terms

Fourth Grade

What is my Heart Rate?
technology in PE

Region "Factoids" or "Where in the World..." podcast / wiki

Music of the Westward Expansion

Wisconsin History Mystery Video Conference with another 4th Gr Class

"Cartoons R Fun"
Comic Life Software to create "cartoon" to depict story, famous person, content facts, mini-movie.

Math / Checkbook
Students learn about checking accounts - balances - withdrawals via classroom student behavior system.

Art / Language Arts - Animated Cartoon drawing
Students create animated drawings to tell a story (beginning, middle and end).

Wisconsin Webquest page. Create a student webquest similar to Maine's:'

Fifth Grade

Flat Stanley Project

"I See God" slide show

Social Studies Powerpoints

Weather Report
Students learn about weather patterns and television production and create a mock weather forecast.

Famous Person Autograph
Students interview a famous person (classmate) and use digital camera to illustrate story.

Illustrate favorite Poem using iMovie

Marble Roll
How far can you roll a marble using a ramp 61 cm long?
hand out available

Go Go Gadget - Simple Machines

Fractions Made Visual

Wiki "Literature Circles"

Sixth Grade

"Pages" Brochure
Where in the World is Cinderella?

Technology and Art

Google Earth Trip to Africa

The Great Bean Race

the World Through A Different Pair of Eyes

The Heavenly Village by Cynthia Rylant
Read this powerful spiritual journey of souls caught between life on earth and heaven and discuss elements of "Time", "angels". Video conference with author a possibility.

Seventh Grade

Vocabulary and Current Events Unit (Find Vocabulary Words used in Current Event sites - create Word document or other with Vocab Word and picture / description of current event.)
Virtual Ambassador

"This I Believe" Project

What is On Your iPod?
students consider lyrics of "favorite" songs

Gettysburg Address Movie

Students use period Civil War pictures to create a movie of the Gettysburg Address.

Science / Rocket Riot
Students will learn the extensive preparation necessary for a rocket launch:

from The Global Education Collaborative: I am a Spanish teacher looking for other Spanish classes, or classes in Spanish speaking countries who learn English, to collaborate with. My students are 7th and 8th grade beginners of learning Spanish. We would love to email or send/receive snail mail (use Wiki) with anyone outside of our bubble. Also, open to other ideas! Respond if you love Spanish! link on GEC website - see Laurie

Read Write Listen
Life 'Round Here

Eighth Grade

The Pearl - Is More Ever Enough

Is Life Fair?

"My Hero Project"

"We Didn't Start the Fire" project
Create wiki and iMovie to go along with song.

Content Creation
Use Wiki and Internet Searching to create content for unit or class.

Science / How Humans Impact the Earth:

World War II Project
Collaborate with a class in New York creating content about WWII using a Wiki